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Learn how to take your life to the next level
by using the wisdom of the ancients, & have good time in the process.


"ON POINT - As always Cyndi, you are on point. You are such an excellent coach that you push the buttons of reality ALL THE TIME. I encourage anyone who needs a coach to obtain clarity with this Wise Woman. Cyndi Harris is a woman sent by the Divine Feminine to help women of today overcome issues in their lives." - Cheryl: Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Entreprenuer - S FL

Bespoke (Custom made) & Artisan Gemstone Jewelry

Are you ready to unleash your inner queen, wealth attracting wise woman
 & Goddess self?

Wearing fine jewelry has been a way women have used for thousands of years to: 
  • Adorn their bodies
  • Enhance their fertility 
  • Call in their soulmate or twin flame
  • Attract abundance & wealth
  • Celebrate their femininity in the most gorgeous & glorious ways
  • Unleash the wise, sensuous, & sexy wise woman within
  • Regain their health
  • And so much more.
Gemstone jewelry has been found in the tombs of Egyptian queens, empresses, & royalty throughout the world.

(These pieces of jewelry were found in burial tomb of Sumerian Queen Pu Abi who lived over 4500 years ago.)

These stones offer the healing properties & wisdom of the earth to any woman wise enough to wear them.

As a reiki master, crystal healing therapist, & sacred woman. I know firsthand how effective the energies contained within these treasure are. (Personally & clients' feedback.)

Each piece of jewelry I create and offer to you has been blessed, cleansed, and activated (We will have a brief conversation which will allow me to learn more about your particular desires/needs.) in a way that will bring awe-inspiring change to you and your life.

(This large clear quartz cluster is one of the ways
I cleanse and activate the wisdom within each piece.)

My collections have been designed with the connoisseur of fine jewelry in mind. They make wonderful additions to your current collection or gifts.

They have also been created to celebrate the Divine feminine and unlock the hidden gifts each woman possesses, but rarely has the opportunity to enjoy.

These pieces (especially the waistbeads) will bring out your inner diva, sensual & sacred woman. Encouraging you to let loose and feel your joy and passion in way that is often neglected in our society of instant gratification. 

From the first time you wear your selection, you will notice a difference in how you feel and the way life offers itself to you.

You are beautiful, glorious, gracious, & regal. A woman who is in touch with her personal "magic" and it shows.


"I Am at Peace."
 Pleasure & Prosperity Waistbeads
(Can also be worn as a necklace)

Lapis lazuli & turquoise jewelry has been found in the tombs of pharoahs, queens, & some of the wealthiest people of all time. Start your private collection today with this gorgeous custom made waistbead. Show off & embrace the passion, pleasure, & prosperity that lives within you.

This piece is made to order so, I will need your specific waist or below the belly button measurements. 
(These measurements will determine where your beads will rest on your body.)

"The Treasure Chest "

Is my line of fine & luxurious gemstone jewelry. Each piece is a custom-created work of art; designed with the wearers ambitions, goals, and needs in mind. Treat yourself to a piece of life changing earth (Gaia) wisdom. 

Below are examples of a few of my premade & made to order (Bespoke) pieces.

" I Am at Peace"

Lapis Lazuli, Gold Hematite, & Turquoise Waist Beads

(This piece is custom made so,
I will need your specifc measurements. I will contact you by email once I have received your order.)


"Peace & Prosperity"
(Last set available -
free shipping)
Lapis lazuli, gold hematite, & turquoise

(Favorite stones of some of the wealthiest women of all time.)

This set of bracelets will assist your progress on the path to fulfilling your best dreams with true grace & ease.

(Master Manifestations)


  Free shipping for all orders
The Treasure Chest Info Form
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Last Name:
Birthday MM/DD:
Zip Code: (5 digits)


Amethyst, gold hematite,
& black onyx

Universal/Divine wisdom, intuition, increased confidence, feeling protected and safe; these are a few of the qualities upgrades you will enjoy when wearing this beautiful healing bracelet.

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